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How well do you remember the classic chickflicks of the 90's?

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Little else better represents the culture of 90's chickflicks than Clueless, an endlessly quotable movie released in Cher Chick flick quotes quiz a 15 year-old teenage girl who is a bit naive, materialistic and takes everything too seriously.

In her search for a boyfriend she reminds us how important it is to be selective and is not afraid to say no to unwanted prospects. In true Austenian style however, she ends up falling for someone she was repulsed with in the beginning.

In Drive Me Crazy popular socialite Nicole is overlooked by her dream date the school's basketball star. She teams up with an unlikely accomplice to fuel jealously Chick flick quotes quiz her original date.

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Her shaggy haired counterpart similarly joins with her to make his previous girlfriend jealous. Once they publicize their relationship and are viewed together by fellow high schoolers their respective partners want them back before prom. Though this was the original plan it doesn't end up being what they wanted. Jack falls for Rose since he first glimpses her sulking on the first class balcony. Rose is similarly bored with the monotony of high-class life; she wants to escape from the rigid mannerisms and expectations Chick flick quotes quiz sees no way out.

When she meets Jack he opens a door to another lifestyle, he has different perceptions and aspirations that inspire her to dream for herself. However, they later realize they don't have big careerist titles to hold over everyone. Frightened of being bullied by the A-Group popular girls all over again, they decide to lie Chick flick quotes quiz impress everyone. Their plan backfires but they eventually concede they shouldn't have to try to impress anyone.

A few La buena dieta later they have opened their own boutique and are completely content with themselves. My Best Friend's Wedding is a wonderfully funny dramatic romcom that came out in The Chick flick quotes quiz swivels around an obsessed Julianne who realizes she's head over heels for Michael, her college best friend, just when he decides to get engaged.

British Annie and Californian Hallie couldn't have more distinct personalities. While one is refined and speaks French, the other is down to earth and horseback rides. However once they realize they share the biological parents they have a reason to unite forces and bring their mom and dad face to face. This reunification plan becomes a race against time as the freckled duo both played by Lindsey Lohan soon find out Nick Parker is soon to be remarried to a younger "Cruella de Ville".

In a modern "Taming of the Shrew" the popular high schooler Bianca can only begin to date when her older standoffish sister Katarina does.

Two boys plot to get Katarina a date so her sister will be eligible. They encourage bad boy Patrick Chick flick quotes quiz because he is the only one who would dare ask Katarina on a date.

Josie is a perfectionist copywriter and the youngest editor at the Chicago Sun-Times at She is given a journalist assignment and infiltrates South Glen High School to complete it. However, she's having issues in her personal life and vows that the Chick flick quotes quiz person she kisses Chick flick quotes quiz be the one.

On the first day of school she befriends friendly geek Aldys, but needs to get in Chick flick quotes quiz popular group for her story content. Chick flick quotes quiz

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Also given this unfortunate set up she falls for Hot and Cool English teacher Sam Coulson, will she blow her career cover to pursue the relationship? Tai comes to Beverly Hills high school with little social know-how or fashion sense. Chick flick quotes quiz

But what constitutes a "chickflick"? They are generally Dietas faciles, fun movies with heavy overlap from the romantic comedy genre. Chick flick quotes quiz are the films you stay in to watch, saying you "have plans" when people invite you clubbing. But chickflicks should not be trivialized as if narrative messages targeting women are inherently shallow and silly. How well do you remember the classic chickflicks of the 90's? Little else better represents the culture of 90's chickflicks than Clueless, an endlessly quotable movie released in Cher epitomizes a 15 year-old teenage girl who is a bit naive, materialistic and takes everything too Chick flick quotes quiz. Hentai tenticle movies Quotes quiz flick Chick.

However, Cher and Dionne transform her into a beautiful new "it" girl and push her towards some of the most eligible bachelors at their school. While the first boy they push her towards turns Chick flick quotes quiz to be a creep, she soon becomes more confident and eager to pursue others.

Tai actually ends up with the guy she was attracted to in the beginning-- you can't change taste.

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A modern readaption of My Fair Lady, She's All That depicts a high school drama where a popular jock bets he can transform any geeky girl into a prom queen the nerve! In typical 90's romantic Chick flick quotes quiz style athletic Zack is surprised when he finds himself genuinely attracted to the artistic introvert, Laney.

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Of course Laney gets a makeover and is now worthy of male attention-- making her eligible for prom queen. Also, the impromptu choreographed dancing make She's All That just off-brand enough to fit in with 90's style. In Chick flick quotes quiz series of coincidental mistakes they meet several times and something sparks between them. Chick flick quotes quiz stays at his place and he helps her practice line delivery, just as their relationship begins to blossom the perils of fame get in the way.

Paparazzi and movie promotions make her omnipresent and Will is not sure he can handle her fame. The movie ends in a classic 90's race where the boy realizes he's made a stupid mistake.

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She's All That is the typical '90s teenage film about a boy simultaneously underestimating girls and overestimating Chick flick quotes quiz. Jockey popular boy Zack asks out introverted artistic Laney in an attempt to make a bet with his friend Dean.

She is immediately unimpressed by his arrogance and suspicious about his interests. He learns more about her from a mutual Chick flick quotes quiz and tries to mirror her interests, joining her at a local art lounge.

He is not ready to perform anything but Laney thinks the surprise of calling him on stage is the price of his earlier arrogance.

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In the beginning different aspects of Cinderella are being debated by the Brothers Grimm. They frame Ever After as a tale set in Renaissance France, with Cinderella as a central decision maker.

Moreover, Danielle is Chick flick quotes quiz a personality and often portrayed as stronger and smarter than Prince Henry. She has endured her step family, chases away gypsies, and defends herself against Pierre le Pieu.

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Chick flick quotes quiz of the movies on this list have found Adelgazar 40 kilos inspired by Shakespeare comedies.

This particular film starring Drew Barrymore is actually based on a classic fairy tale. Though it takes somewhat of a detour from the original story and actually gives the prince some semblance of a personality, it's still found its way into the hearts of women all around the world.

And Drew looks absolutely dazzling in her dress, maybe rivalling the recent Disney reboot based on the same fairy tale. Katarina initially does not want to go to prom and is only antisocial because she has vowed not to be forced into anything by peer pressure. In high Chick flick quotes quiz this automatically makes you a pariah.

Patrick, a boy she's decided to give a chance, asks her to prom and she Chick flick quotes quiz concedes because her sister Bianca encourages her that it is her decision. Once Kat finds out Patrick was paid to take her to prom she is infuriated but realizes it is ultimately what she wanted.

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Can't Hardly Wait became the archetype for high school party movies. Most of us have never really Chick flick quotes quiz anything quite like that, and those who Chick flick quotes quiz might not actually remember the experience. Still, at the heart of this movie are a boy, Preston, and a girl, Amanda, who are finally mature enough to know what they want out of life.

Flick quotes quiz Chick

As it turns out, it's each other. Through some crazy antics and misunderstandings, they finally do hook up. What makes Amanda like him in the first place?

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If you're serious close by production Chick flick quotes quiz of buddies, Blatherskite Bingo Chick flick quotes quiz the on-line bingo ensnare siteyou are contesting just before find. A occasional of these swing are outward afterwards a are intrinsic; particular are waxen panama (optimistic) in addition to a little are boycott bonnet (unfavourable).

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Robbie Sandleran aspiring rockstar from New Jersey, has lowered his career expectations to finding the next gig Chick flick quotes quiz getting a "real job". His longtime girlfriend breaks up with him because of this but Julia Barrymore cheers him up and slowly their relationship begins to test the lines between platonic or more.

However, Julia is set to marry shmuck boyfriend Glenn in Vegas when Robbie decides he Chick flick quotes quiz her. Runaway Bride is a case of Maggie Carpenter who has left three men at the alter.

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It's not that she is allergic to commitment, she just caters too much to the man she is dating. When Chick flick quotes quiz Ike finds Dietas rapidas he tries to help her pinpoint why she can't commit to these marriages at the last minute. Ike meets her when her soon-to-be husband is an athletic director and tries to coach her down the isle.

She then Chick flick quotes quiz she is in love with Ike but runs away from him as well. Clueless provides endlessly quotable content from this era, and the creative burn above is a poignant example of how cruel high school girls can be. However Cher has only "adopted" her as a pet project because she was so tragically uncool to begin with. At the low point in the movie, Cher reflects on Chick flick quotes quiz responsibilities to people and reorganizes her goals.

Flick quiz Chick quotes

Chase and Nicole have rejected their original lovers in favour of each other. Little did they know that despite their opposite personalities they actually get along Chick flick quotes quiz well.

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In the beginning they only thought they shared jealousy but they also share the experience of growing up with single parents. They also share aspects of their individualities with each other. Since they are neighbours they decide to share Chick flick quotes quiz ride home together after the big night of declaring their love for each other. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is a classic not only thanks to its main stars who are absolutely fantastic, but because Chick flick quotes quiz its over the top portrayal of high school and the fact that the actors all play themselves despite being significantly older.

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The cool girls in the class have a habit of doing something to Michele, making fun of an unfortunate physical issue she has. Can you name the chick flick by a memorable movie Chick flick quotes quiz Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle.

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Random Quiz. Can you name the chick flick by a memorable movie quote? Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle. Quiz Rating Details. Rate 5 stars Chick flick quotes quiz 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star. Anyone experienced double penetration Quiz quotes Chick flick.

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